Welcome to Everest Sherpa Restaurant

Journey to the culinary world of the Sherpa people. You'll find our traditions enticing. The region nearest Mt. Everest is our home. Experience our culture through our food, found in Nepal, Tibet, and India. Everest Sherpa Kitchen brings the most popular native dishes of the Himalayas to Ann Arbor. Meet with Mt. Everest summiteers while you enjoy your meal. 


Our restaurant is founded on family recipes and traditions. We believe quality and authenticity come first.  We use the freshest ingredients and authentic spices for rich and bold flavors.

Not only is this an experience in taste, but you can also learn about our guided trips to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. From the moment you walk in the door, to the time you leave, you will be surrounded by the ambiance of what Nepal and the Sherpa people have to offer.


We invite all who seek a unique dining experience to visit our establishment. Take a selfie with an Everest climber while learning about the Sherpa culture, the Everest region, and our trips to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.



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Everest Sherpa Restaurant 

2803 Oak  Valley Dr.

Ann Arbor, Mi 48103

PH: 734-997-5490



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